Friday, February 28, 2014

Tinting Mason Jars

Im going to backtrack a bit and show you some projects Ive "attempted" recently.  Im really not as crafty as I think I am, so a lot of my projects end badly.  Therefore I suspect a lot of my posts will be more about what NOT to do in your projects, but here we go...

Ill start with a simple one.. Tinting Mason Jars.  I thought this was such a cute idea.  Now that I've done several, Im not quite so sure.  They look amazing but know before hand what your going to do with them because you can't put water in them and you probably won't want to put food in them either.  So what??  I have a few in my Laundry room (another organization project I'm currently working on) and a few in the craft room for storage. Here is 1 of my completed ones: 

I followed the tutorial I found at Momspark - her instructions were so easy to follow. 

Note- I put water in mine to see what would happen... it definately ruins it.  The glue begins to quickly pull from the sides and you can actually pull it off.  Soooo if you don't like the final product, soak it with some water and a lil Dawn for a day or so and pull all the color right off and start over. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bad Pantry

I went to grab a granola bar on my way to work the other morning and this is what my pantry looked like:

I have OCD.   It was screaming "aw, no no no!"  How I managed to not call in sick to work and tear everything out, I don't know.  How I could possibly let it get this bad, I don't know.  Obviously this has been my project for the last week or so.  Couple of trips to Dollar Tree and several Amazon orders later... Im making progress.   Updates coming...