Friday, June 6, 2014

Cake Pops - Hello Kitty

I think I've mentioned before that our house is full of cake pop addicts.  I got hooked on making them when I was home on maternity with baby #3.  If you have never had a handmade cake pop, you are truly missing out.  Lil balls of moist goodness.  When I say handmade, I mean Bakerella style, not one of those cake pop bakers.  I don't have anything against the bakers, they are a quick and easy way to make the cake balls, but they DO NOT have the same taste as the hand rolled do.  Trust me on this. 

For some great ideas and beginner instructions, check out   She is the queen of cake pops. 

I love trying to create fun designs for family and friends and May and June always seem to be busy months for me.  I've recently done Baseballs and Hello Kitty and still have a baby shower and graduation order to fill.  Here's a picture of the Hello Kitty pops I did for a special 6yr old.

You can see more of my cake pops at my Shutterfly Site -


I'm so far behind.  I apologize.  I have had 3 sick kids and this house has been complete chaos.  I gave up on new recipes and resorted to our regular rotations.  I was able to find some time to work on a few craft projects - I'm currently obsessed with heat transfer vinyl.  My first project didn't end well so Im trying new supplies and techniques, determined to perfect the process.   As soon as I do, Ill post on what I've learned.   And hopefully, now that everyone seems relatively healthy, Ill get back into routine.