Lyme Disease has devastated my family and educating people has become a passion of mine. I was diagnosed in 2008, after two years and 13+ doctors.  My older boys were diagnosed in 2010.  My husband has not yet tested positive but he was treated based on his symptoms, and continues to struggle.  Our dog, who I have vaccinated, has been sick and treated as well.  I could go on for hours about our experiences and lessons learned but the bottom line is its a horrible, nasty disease and finding treatment can be near impossible.  I started a Facebook group for those in my area.  I get messages weekly from people looking for a dr who can help.  For those who aren't aware, the test for Lyme is known for being inaccurate.  This means you can't just go to a dr, be tested, find out if you have it and be treated.  So people carry this bacteria for months, years even and it grows and grows... until you have people who can't speak, get out of bed, or function.  CDC guidelines recommend 14-30 days of antibiotics, not nearly enough to kill a bacteria that has been growing in someone for years.  Drs who prescribe antibiotics for longer than this are accused of "over-use" despite that fact that antibiotics are all that help these people.  Many Drs who specialize in Lyme will no longer take insurance to protect themselves.  Unfortunately this means that someone who is sick, many of whom can't even work, have to find a way to pay cash for drs visits to get help.   Do not think for one second that a little bug can not cause major damage.   If you think you may have it, do not give up... try to find a dr who knows what to do immediately.  Also check your local area for support groups.  

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Under Our Skin - a pretty powerful movie that shows the horrors of lyme-

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UPDATE Sept 2015 - I now have 3 children with Lyme, as my youngest was diagnosed earlier this year and my older boys both relapsed this year as well.  Our Lyme Literate MD passed away suddenly last year so although we have found a new, knowledgeable Dr, he does not accept insurance and the cost of treating 3 kids is very high ( as in thousands of dollars per child).  If anyone has a child with Lyme,  I have found some great Facebook sites for parents of children with Lyme.  Two of the boys have also tested positive for the MTHFR Gene Mutation and I suspect that the 3rd will as well.  If your are not familiar with MTHFR Mutations, a good explanation can be found over at

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