About Me

I've been blissfully married for 16 years.  I have 3 super amazing boys, 16, 12, and 3.  My only girl is 4 legged and her human boys love her.  I have a touch of OCD.  I like to organize and label everything.  EVERYTHING.  If I don't put a label on it, how will I know what it is?  Slightly crazy I know but it could be worse.  I also like to bake and spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I make cake pops whenever I can.  My sister got all the artistic ability so although I attempt craft projects pretty regularly, they don't often end well.  I got hooked on blogs recently thanks to Pinterest.  Aren't we all so glad Pinterest came along???  So I decided to give this a try and share some of my experiences as a working mom, organization freak, and foodie.  Hope someone, somewhere enjoys it.

Peace Love Label

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