Sunday, October 11, 2015

Miracle Cleaner for Baking Pans?

I am a bit of a Pinterest addict.  Its my go-to source for household tips and information.   During a recent visit, I came across a pin about cleaning your baking pans and it included some pretty impressive before and after pictures which immediately sucked me in.  My pans looked just like that (okay maybe worse) and I had just been getting ready to order some new ones from Pampered Chef because we use them almost everyday.  They are small and perfect for heating up individual portions of chicken or bread for the kids.  So I figured cleaning was worth a try before I spent $$ on new ones.  According to the article, combining peroxide and baking soda creates a miracle cleaner and makes it much easier to clean off all that baked on crud.  There are a lot of posts on this topic at Pinterest, but you can read the one I followed at onegoodthingbyjille

So here is my before photo (don't judge):

And here is my after:

I cannot lie, this took a whole lot of elbow grease and some serious steel wool and even then, I could not get the corners clean, which was mentioned in the article as well.  So overall a major improvement for sure but I wonder how much was steel wool and elbow grease and how much was  the miracle cleaner.  Certainly something I would try again though, especially since it didn't involve using any nasty chemicals.  What do you think?

10/18/15 Update:  My pan is already getting gross again, so I gave it a quick scrub with the steel wool.  No improvement whatsoever.  So I revise my earlier statement, it is pretty close to a miracle cleaner and definitely softens up the grime and make its easier to scrub, even though it still does take some elbow grease to clean it up.  Let me know if you try it, how it works out for you.


  1. Hi Caren.... I think it is great that you are blogging. My blog is hit and miss and about photography...mostly. Sometimes I sneak other stuff in, but mostly it is about my photos and my Website. You can find it at I'm not one to pay much attention to Pinterest. I have enough trouble keeping up with my Twitter and Facebook feeds, and now that I'm retired I am busier than ever before with photography and our energy business.

    I hope you find time to stop by my blog and send me an email - I will send you an email soon to catch up in more detail. I have added your blog to my feeds.

    1. Hi Randy. You are my first comment... thank you so much! Congratulations on your retirement. I will check out your blog and share it as well. I love your photography work. Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and comment.